Worldwide Photo Walk On October 5th

T minus 14 days 13  hours 45 minutes till I will attend my first worldwide photo walk in Auckland, New Zealand!


Scott Kelby’s 6th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk™ (the world’s largest photo walk, with walks in over 1,300 cities in 2012) will take place on Saturday, October 5th.

I am joining the walk in Auckland, leaving at 155 Karangahape Road (9:30am). Sign up here for a walk in your city; or lead a walk if there isn’t one near you yet.

If you are wondering what the hell heck I am talking about please let me refer you to the official event announcement website with a short 2 minutes video clip and a slightly longer Q&A list.

It sounds like a cool event for photographers and shutterbugs to exchange, learn and socialize while having a little stroll and taking a few photos.

Since the Auckland walk starts in the CBD I think it might be easier to focus on architecture and street shots rather than nature and macro impressions. But who knows, after all Mount Eden is only a short hop. For now I am planning to use the occasion for some black and white shots as well as some minimalism photos.

Are YOU joining a walk on October 5th?

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