New Zealand Grounds

My photo project “New Zealand Grounds” (2011-2014) focuses on details of the soil which add to the charm of a location or form a part of a complex ecosystem. As far as my experience goes, people do not always pay enough attention to these details; that’s where my grounded camera came into play (pun intended).

The unusual point of view allowed me to focus on tiny things which frame a photo’s foreground prominently and lead the viewer’s eyes to the blurred background in which I tried to give a vague idea how the landscape around looked like.

The project idea started by accident and slowly developed to a new photo hobby (living out my love for bokeh). I truly hope you enjoy the diversity of New Zealand’s beauty beneath our feet.

If you like what you see please also have a look at my Instagram account and follow the hashtag #landscapegroundshot. I introduced this tag on Instagram and Twitter a while ago, and I would love seeing more ‘ground tog’ submissions to collect world wide ground impressions.

To join, make sure your photo follows the above description (prominent foreground; blurred background; focus on nature and landscapes); then simply tag YOUR OWN photos with #landscapegroundshot. It’s as simple as that!

4 thoughts on “New Zealand Grounds

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