Photo Challenge: Unusual POV

There is nothing insignificant in the world. It all depends on the point of view. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

In photography, considering a different point of view (POV), is one main ingredient for an unusual shot. Creative photographers change their POV all the time to make the (allegedly) insignificant more meaningful.

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge on WordPress focuses on the topic “An Unusual POV” which provides me with a great occasion to shed light on one of my current photo projects – working title “New Zealand Grounds”.

While travelling through the country I grew a passion for landscape ground shots. The idea is to focus on small details which people might perceive as insignificant even though they actually add to the charm of a location or are part of a very complex ecosystem (especially when it comes to plants and minerals).

I place my camera on the ground (or on a very small travel tripod) and start exploring the world from a frog eye view before I decide which details I am going to focus on for some natural foreground framing. By using a smaller f stop the surrounding landscape will become blurred in the background, but still give a good idea of the scenery.

The outcome? Some photos of well known places from a rather unusual point of view. Please find my latest additions in this article and visit the project page for the full gallery.

If you are a ‘ground tog’ too don’t hesitate to get in touch by using the hashtag #landscapegroundshot on Instagram or Twitter. I look forward to see the grounds of our world…

5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Unusual POV

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