Worldwide Photo Walk Captures K’Road Auckland

Last weekend I joined my first photo walk; Scott Kelby’s 6th annual worldwide photo walk, to be precise. Me and my walking group – a combination of professional and hobby photographers – set out to explore Auckland’s Karangahape Road (K’Road) on a 2 hour self-guided walk.

photowalk group auckland 2013

Photo Walk Group Auckland (2013) — Photo taken and edited by Michael Loh (

If you have been browsing my blog you are probably not surprised when I tell you that I am usually into nature, landscape and weather photography rather than street photography.

There is a simple reason: I suck royally fail when it comes to capturing moments of daily life. Street photography makes me feel like a perpetrator stalking the neighbourhood and hoping for some emotional shots.

Sure, I could ask if people allow me to take their picture, but I am no fan of fake posing, which is what happens in most cases when people are aware of a camera pointing at them. Moreover, taking photos without permission can be a legal limbo too.

These are the main reason why documenting K’Road through my lens was quite a challenge, and why I ended up with a huge majority of shots showing not a single person (if you have ever been to K’Road you know that this by itself can be a challenge too).

Instead, I tried to focus on all the small details which make K’Road special: The over a century old tomb stones in Symonds Street Cemetery, not far from colourful vintage stores forwarding you right into the 1960s; the neo-greek architecture of St Kevin’s Arcade (decorated with graffiti wall art which makes you feel like in the 1990s); the floor tiles of Pitt Street Methodist Church and the very modern though enchanted backyards at Beresford Square. Quite a time travel!

Tomb stone Symonds Street Cemetery

Tomb stone Symonds Street Cemetery

Colourful vintage clothes on K'Road

Colourful vintage clothes on K’Road

Ground floor St Kevin's Arcade

Ground floor St Kevin’s Arcade

Graffiti art St Kevin's Arcade

Graffiti art St Kevin’s Arcade

Entrance of the Pitt Street Methodist Church

Entrance of the Pitt Street Methodist Church

Beresford Square backyard

Beresford Square backyard

If you want to explore K’Road and Myers Park, where the town of Auckland has been founded in 1840, I recommend to have a closer look at the heritage sites of or to join one of their free guided tours taking place almost daily.

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