All photos on this site are taken by me (unless stated otherwise). Please don’t spread them without my explicit permission.


…me: My name is Anja. I’m German. In 2011, I grabbed my French boyfriend — whom I met in Finland — and moved to New Zealand to work for a Canadian company. After 3.5 years of living the dream in Middle Earth, it was time to move on, but our kiwi photos and stories will always mark the beginning of this blog. Since 2015, we are proud parents of a little girl who is happy to travel the world with us while her mum enjoys the freedom that comes with the digital nomad status. I work as Social Network Services Manager for Keywords Studios and my job has a lot in common with Social Media Management, Community Management, Project Management, Customer Service Management, Content Creation and Marketing. I love that variety!

…my passion (beside Social Media): I do love travelling and am a passionate self-taught photographer. I currently prefer landscape, weather and urban shots, but like to experiment from time to time. Photography is not a business for me, but my favourite pastime; it gives me the chance to express myself, my feelings and share a small essence of all the magical moments that I discover along my way. I currently use my Canon EOS 60D and GoPro Hero 6 for most photos, and I love Love LOVE Instagram to get my daily photo dose.

…my travels: I visited over 30 countries so far, but my bucket list is still long (see map below). Exploring new locations and experiencing different cultures are a big part of who I am today. My personal Top 3 are: a) South Island New Zealand; b) South West of the USA, and c) La Reunion, a small French island in the Indian Ocean. Whenever I can I take my time to get to know a certain location before blogging about it, which helps to develop a different perspective. For example: Instead of publishing one single photo of a landscape, I enjoy revisiting the same location many times under different conditions.

…my page name: I chose ‘Remote Angles’ to showcase my personal angles on moments that matter to me. All my photos have been taken while working remotely as digital nomad.

Contact me…

…by email (anja_eichler at web.de) for any photo request.

Connect with me…

…on Twitter (#Photography, #SocialMedia, #Instagram, #Tech).
…or Instagram (1 photo a day from present and past travels).
…or LinkedIn (Social Network Services Manager, Community Manager, Project Manager, Digital Media)

Thank you for hopping by, leaving a comment and sharing!


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27 thoughts on “About

  1. Anja, you have beautiful and compelling photos here! I look forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing and thank you for checking out and following Travel Oops! Cheers, Steph


  2. Hi Anja – have emailed you for permission to use one of your shots in an educational video I’m preparing. Lovely photography! You may also be interested in our blog – Kiwis living in Ireland, another beautiful country. http://fergs.org/blog/ (It’s mostly Ireland, but we have had a couple of trips elsewhere. Photography mainly by my husband!)
    Safe travels, or as they say here in Ireland, slan abhaile!


  3. I can’t believe you haven’t visited one of the most beautiful countries in the world! You know which one I mean Anja!

    I know Anja since those days in Finland and I am still fascinated about web paging (Although I am not practicing anymore =( ) thanks to her and her dedication to what she does. She also skates very good ;)

    Take care Anja and you know you have always a home at the most beautiful country in the world!



    • Hahahaha, you are too nice Javi. Believe it or not, by now I run better than I skate :D
      Thanks for your lovely comment and I surely hope to make it to the most beautiful country in the world one day. As soon as it’s confirmed you’ll be the first to know ;)


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