French Alleys

France is one of those countries where you can explore vast amounts of narrow streets and alleys thanks to the many strategically built cities. Therefore it is no surprise that quite often one can find the most charming cobblestone paths in the old town centres. Today they serve as tourist magnets, overpriced restaurant miles, claustrophobia-causing housing quarters or creative refuge for many artists, artisans and traders.

Here is my personal selection of the 12 most beautiful French alleys I was able to discover during the past 12 months:

Saint Malo

Saint Malo — Intra Muros, the walled city, has been built to defend the location against the British

Saint Malo

Saint Malo — Intra Muros


Lyon — Old Town


Lyon — The Old Town’s expensive but delicious restaurant mile


Dinan — Intra Muros, built by the French to defend themselves against the British


Dinan — Intra Muros


Dinan — Home of artists and craftsmen


Paris — Overpriced apartments for people without claustrophobia


Paris — Montmartre, home of artists and craftsmen

Mont Saint Michel

Mont Saint Michel — Vital tourist trap


Strasbourg — During the winter / Christmas season


Strasbourg — Known for its timbered houses

Which French alleys would you recommend?

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