“Christchurch: From The Streets” Features My Photo

I’m going to have my 3 seconds of fame on TVNZ this weekend! Not that I’m counting till 900

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from a small production company in Christchurch, New Zealand, working on a TV show on the city’s recovery after the earthquakes 4 years ago. The trailer speaks for itself I find (getting goose bumps all over from Nadia Reid‘s soundtrack):

Now how did I get my 3 seconds of fame in the upcoming episode 5 of this TV show? Turns out my WordPress SEO efforts start bringing in results. Said production company found me while doing research for image material from the Auckland town hall (must read story if you haven’t done so yet) since one part of their documentation is about the Christchurch town hall and a comparison to other town halls in the country.

As luck would have it, I lived in Christchurch in 2011. I experienced the earthquakes (aftershocks) myself; I saw the devastation, got frightened and considered checking the Quake Map an essential part of my morning routine. But I also experienced the community’s kindness and readiness to help others.

That said, it’s an honour for me to be (a teeny-tiny) part of that show which portrays in an excellent way how people cope with the situation each and every day ever since the first earthquake hit Christchurch 4 years ago.

If you are interested, the show airs on TV ONE, Sunday 11:30am (New Zealand Time). All episodes are available on demand as well.

Being in France now, I sadly can’t watch New Zealand TV on demand. I hope Canterbury Television will get the rights to upload the videos lateron on their YouTube channel, as already done with episode 1 of “Christchurch: From the Streets” which aired end of September. It’s very moving to revisit these places after such a long time!

If you wonder which of my town hall images they finally picked for the show — here you go:


Auckland’s Town Hall organ dates from 1911

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