Australian Communities On Instagram

Travel guides are out! Instagram is taking over!

Well, at least in my case. But I’m an addict. I personally like to follow regional and national Instagram accounts as part of my trip preparation. It usually helps me to learn fast about a certain location, to stay informed about ongoing or coming events and to get to know some of the best local photo spots and opportunities.

Since I just spent a few weeks in Oz I compiled a list of worthwhile Australian Communities on Instagram. I figured it would be a nice addition to my updated blog post “New Zealand Communities On Instagram”, which I first published in May 2013.

I’m happy to share my Top 10 (alphabetical order) with you. Please note that these accounts are featuring the work of worldwide Igers while they travel through Australia and make use of specific hashtags:

@aussiephotos #aussiephotos
@australia #seeaustralia
@australiagram #australiagram
@australialovesyou #australialovesyou
@bnw_australia #bnw_australia
@discoveraustralia #discoveraustralia
@exploreaustralia #exploreaustralia
@exploringaustralia #exploringaustralia
@icu_aussies #icu_aussies & #icu_aussies_bnw
@wow_australia #wow_australia

Accounts focusing on Oceania in general (also featuring photos of worldwide artists):

@au_nz_hotshotz #au_nz_hotshotz
@wuoceania #wu_oceania
@loves_oceania #loves_oceania

Further tags to instantly find and connect to Insta Aussies locally (partly featuring photos; though most of these hashtags are used by locals and tourists alike to discuss or show regional captures without being featured):

@exploreuluru #exploreuluru
@queensland #thisisqueensland
@tasmania #discovertasmania

Please leave me a comment if you know of any Australian Instagram account that definitely belongs in this list. Thanks a million!

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