Photo Essay: New South Wales, Australia

This is part 3 – the final part – of our Christmas road trip through Australia in pictures: Adelaide, SA >>> Melbourne, VIC >>> Sydney, NSW (4,500 km).

When people ask me for the Australian National Park that I enjoyed most during our three weeks trip I always answer “the Blue Mountains west of Sydney”. While browsing today’s photo essay you might understand why – it reminds me of New Zealand; lush greenery, plenty of fern and a huge variety of very different walkways.

Blue Mountains fun fact: The highest point in this mountainous region is an unnamed point with an elevation of 1,189 m (seven kilometres north-east of Lithgow). I cannot tell why the Aussies started to name the smaller peaks and gorges first; you’d think the highest point demands for a name simply by popping into the eye. But frankly, for me it is one more confirmation that many things (regions / plants / animals) in Oz rest to be explored. What a fascinating continent…

Please click on the photos to enlarge them and to read their captions. Have a great week!

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7 thoughts on “Photo Essay: New South Wales, Australia

  1. The pictures were once again enjoyable with your different focus lengths and varied landscapes. Usually the countryside does manage to bounce back to green in the cooler months…even around Adelaide!


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