Photo Essay: Victoria, Australia

This is part 2 of our Christmas road trip through Australia in pictures: Adelaide, SA >>> Melbourne, VIC >>> Sydney, NSW (4,500 km).

One word only: Koalas!

Ok, a few more words because this is important. After travelling South Australia for a week without spotting a single cuddly marsupial we started to wonder how come that it is so difficult to see even one koala dozing in the treetops. Is Australia’s iconic creature under threat?

Short answer: Yes! Before visiting Australia we did not know how bad the situation is, but a couple of National Parks in Victoria are starting to inform tourists as well as locals about the dangers that destroy koala habitat. The one that surprised me most was the frequency of bushfires.

You might think – like I used to do – that all bushfires are bad. Now here is the thing: Bushfires are essential to the Australian ecosystem. The continent has been burning for many centuries, and Aborigines even used strategic fires once they discovered the power of the flames.

At this point I could go on for a while and easily extend to a long answer, but I will elaborate the “bushfire issue” in a coming post. Today’s focus is on Victoria in images – the Australian state where we finally saw our first koalas in the wild. It’s a truly memorable encounter…

Please click on the photos to enlarge them and to read their captions. Have a great day!

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14 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Victoria, Australia

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  2. You’ve captured it all on this trip Anja. The best of Australia’s wildlife, colourful wildflowers and landscapes.
    Yes, every time I read about a bushfire I think about koala bears, as they cannot move so quickly. I’ve been giving a few of my pennies to a Koala rehab for years now. I enjoyed looking through this collection!


    • Thanks Julie! Was hard to make a choice of my favorite pictures cause I took so much more :)

      Koalas seem to be a “hot topic” in Oz at the moment. Apparently some loggers working in the timber industry recently reported anonymously in an ABC documentary how often koalas get killed / injured due to their work (no protection for trees where koalas live in; accidental encounter with logging equipment etc.). They found several injured koalas each day. So sad these cute animals are not only under threat by fire. I hope the government will come up with a protection act. I think you made a wise choice to donate some money!!


  3. Hi Anja,
    Concerning the koala’s, it is a sad story. There have been some attention to there problems on Dutch television. Anyway, your photos are great, it is almost to much to see in one go;) I love the Kookaburra, it has such a cute face and I can remember it’s sounds, funny:)
    Thanks for telling and showing!
    Have a lovely week!


    • Thanks Andrée! I found this one on YouTube (laughing Kookaburra) – makes me laugh as well each time I watch it:

      I’m glad to hear that koalas get some international attention. I don’t know if I am too pessimistic, but travelling Oceania sometimes leaves the impression I am travelling to watch animals which soon might not exist anymore :-/

      Anyway, I hope you have a great week too!


    • Apparently we avoided the last heat wave, yes, which doesn’t mean we had many days under 40 degrees, haha. It was very very hot indeed in SA, but we still felt like hiking, so I consider ourselves as lucky and I assume it can feel worse still ;)


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