Photo Essay: South Australia, Australia

This is part 1 of our Christmas road trip through Australia in pictures: Adelaide, SA >>> Melbourne, VIC >>> Sydney, NSW (4,500 km).

Before arriving in Adelaide I only knew it is the driest city in the driest state of the driest continent. I was already able to confirm while our plane still approached for landing – first thoughts: brown & arid. My holiday mood slipped away shortly, but came back quickly as we travelled along the beautiful coast (a blue and yellow colour palette) of the Fleurieu Peninsula in the South of Adelaide. On our way to Kangaroo Island we even passed a famous – green – wine region (McLaren Vale); and I would be lying if I wouldn’t admit how much I loved the white of Coorong‘s salt lagoons and the blue and green of Mount Gambier‘s volcano lakes.

Please click on the images to enlarge them and to read their captions. Enjoy (I did)!

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12 thoughts on “Photo Essay: South Australia, Australia

  1. Thanks for taking me for a trip down memory lane Anja. I’m glad you got over initial shock of SA’s lack of summer greenery quickly, but it does have a barren beauty. Great pictures as always!


    • I’m happy you like the pics Julie. You’re probably my most critical audience for anything Oz related ;) I hope to post Victoria and New South Wales impressions soon. Cheers!


    • Thanks heaps Andrée! I agree about the colours; took me a while though to see them (I swear the brownish impression from the plane wasn’t as inviting, haha). Have a good day!


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