Mount Eden Rush Hour 2


Mount Eden during the two hours right before sunset (please click on the image to see the single frames larger)

I love Mount Eden! Especially during Rush Hour.

And I am regularly attracted to visit the popular volcanic cone in Auckland’s centre with my camera. Just yesterday I went back there to photograph the bustling activities before sunset. I wasn’t disappointed.

A collage over time – like the one you can see above – was my original intention (in the style of my Wynyard Crossing collage). But with the help of an estimated 50 sporty Aucklanders and 80 tourists I shot 274 photos. Woot!

Here are my three favourite frames (cropped from the much bigger originals):


5 Japanese tourists with their mobile phones and one female model — A dancer — People taking a break after running uphill

I didn’t intent to create a timelapse, but after seeing the amount of photos I gave it a try. It’s not a flawless video since I didn’t take my photos with the same time intervals (sometimes I didn’t take a photo for 1 or 2 minutes; at other occasions I took 3 in a row). I am still satisfied with the outcome and motivated to go back for a real timelapse.

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