Photo Essay: Barcelona

A friend of mine recently spent a couple of days in Barcelona, and browsing through her photos brought back a whole lot of memories.

I visited the Catalonian city in May 2010 – almost three years ago – and I remember vividly how Gaudí’s Sagrada Família astonished me. But the never-ending construction area in the heart of Barcelona is only one notable thing in the city. Narrow streets filled with clothes lines contrast broad boulevards hosting vibrating markets and leading towards the bullfighting arena, the National Art Museum, the Olympic Stadium, the wharf and the beach (only to mention a few highlights).

After having a look at my friend’s photos I felt like browsing through my three year old shots, and since I am currently anyway wasting horrendous amounts of time testing various iOS Photo Apps I decided to post-process my personal Top 20 of Barcelona in order to publish them here. Please let me know what you think. I know iPhoneography is not everybody’s darling; but I do think Barcelona is very iPhoneo-genic.

More urban impressions!

9 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Barcelona

  1. Love to see your photos, I LOVE Barcelona! Your gallery looks good but I am not a photographer. I soon have to make a tutorial with many photos and I still don’t know what is best. Miss the Posterous ‘photo-thing’ :(


    • Hm, in your last blog posts you simply added one image below the other; that’s not the gallery look of your template, is it? Did you try the gallery look and see if you like it more when having many images (New Article > Add Media > Create Gallery)? To get the mosaic look like on my blog you can enable the feature under Settings > Media > Tiled Galleries (there is also the carousel feature). Though this will make every of your gallery look like a mosaic. But hey, at least having galleries gives you one more alternative to posting single images. Let me know if that all doesn’t make sense – maybe there are restrictions per template…


  2. Yes, I have some galleries on my blog (in de menu, my photos are not good but ok), but I didn’t think of using a gallery in a tutorial until I saw your post. That is what I will try for my upcoming tuto, so time consuming…

    Thanks for thinking with me!


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    • Thank you Dina! It’s definitely a good idea to place Barcelona on your bucket list. It’s a fantastic city. You could easily spend a week or two there without getting bored.


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