2013: The Year Of The Snake – Auckland Celebrates

The Chinese (Water) Snake Zodiac is upon us! Each February, thousands of people celebrate the Chinese New Year in Auckland’s Albert Park with a big lantern festival. On that occasion, a huge amount of beautiful lanters depicting Chinese culture are imported from China – no surprise, taking into consideration that 20% of Auckland’s population have roots in Asia. Particularly delightful: a lantern sheep flock as the only hint that the lantern festival took place in New Zealand.

The Snake is the Yin to last year’s Dragon Yang. While people of the Dragon Zodiac are said to be powerful and wise, achieving whatever they try to achieve, Snakes are said to have a tendency towards being unscrupulous.

The exact origin of the lantern tradition is sadly unknown, however, releasing lanterns typically symbolizes letting go of the past and embracing the new year. The 3-day-festival ended with a spectacular firework from Auckland’s Sky Tower. Happy New Year. Loved it!

6 thoughts on “2013: The Year Of The Snake – Auckland Celebrates

  1. Yay! I am glad you found me. The new look is different and less flexible in terms of editing the CSS, but I will get used to it :-) Jumping right onto your new blog now…


    • I admit I was lucky with that one cause I couldn’t know when the fireworks started. It’s really the very first part of it which helps to make the photo special because there is no fog around the tower yet.


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